1. INDIAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED AND PURE  BIOLOGY is a bi-yearly Journal publishes  in the months of    January   &  July  every year.
    2. Articles submitted to the Journal are accepted after the recommendation of the editorial board and on the understanding that they have not been and will not be published elsewhere.
    3. The authors are solicited to conform to the following points:
      1. Manuscripts ( including tables, figures and photographs )  typed in double space  and  single column in  A4 size in  MSWord /PageMaker doc file should be send by email. (e-mail :   [email protected] ). OR should be submitted  typed in double space and single column  in A4 size on one side of  the paper with a CD of the manuscript (properly checked) in MSWord /PageMaker doc file.
      2. Text should ordinarily not excced 6 to 10 typewritten pages with relevant figures/tables.
      3. Abstract of the paper in not more than 10 typed lines, should accompany the article(s) .
      4. Tablesshould be self explainatory and provided with a tittle .
      5. Figures, illustrations should be brief and self explanatory .
      6. Photographs of  machine / equipments should be clear.
      7. Heading : While submitting the manuscript the authors are requested to indicate the headings (titles) under which they wish to place their communication(s) should be concise and limited to about 15 words.
      8. References should be written in chronological order in the text giving only the number of reference in super script [e.g. Wilson6] . The references should be given in alphabetical order of author[s] name[s] and must be numbered serially.
        1. Blasig. J. A. Herz, K. Reinhold and S. Zieglgansnberger [1973] Psychopharmacologica [ Berlin] 33. 19-38
        2. Johansen, D.A.[1940] Plant Microtechnique, pp- 30-35 Mc Graw Hill, New York.
        3. Sharma, G.P.,  N.K. Jain and B.D. Garg [1979] Planta Medica 36:185.
      9. Corresponding author’s name should be indicated with an asterisk sign (*) along with complete mailing address for correspondence with PINCODEphone or mobile number and email address.
    4. Publication charges :
      Printing charges @ Rs 300/- ( SAARC Countries @ Rs 300/- & Rest of the World @ U S $ 20 ) per typed page.
      Other Charges Rs 600/- ( SAARC Countries – Rs 600 & Rest of the World – U S $ 40 ) for mailing, packaging, reprints   and author’s copy of  journal are to be borne by the author(s).
  1. Reprints : The author(s) receive 10 reprints with cover gratis.
  2. Subscription Charges


    Life membership  (10 years)


    Rs.  600/- or $200

    Rs.  6000/- or $ 2,000


    Rs. 1000/- or $350

    Rs. 10,000/- or $3,500

    Single Copy

    Rs. 300/- ( $ 100)

  3.   Advertisement Tariff Back page  :  Rs. 5000/-  per issue  &  Inner page  :  Rs. 3000/-  per issue
  4. Remittances should be by Crossed Demand Draft and drawn in favour of ” INDIAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED AND PURE BIOLOGY “.