Plant Cell Technology


Industries: Biotechnology

Size of the company

1-10 employees

Campus: Washington dc

Writes: Private

Founded: 1994


Plant preservative, plant biocide and plant growth regulator

About us

Plant Cell Technology, Inc. develops, produces and markets innovative solutions for commercial and research plant tissue culture laboratories and plant growers. Our flagship product, PPM ™ (Plant Preservative Blend), is a broad spectrum biocide/fungicide for plant tissue culture. PPM ™ is the ultimate solution for the ongoing fight against airborne, waterborne and endogenous microbial contamination.

PPM ™ (Plant Preservative Mixture) is a thermostable preservative/biocide that, depending on the dose, effectively prevents or reduces microbial contamination in plant tissue culture. In optimal doses, PPM ™ does not impair in vitro seed germination, callus proliferation or callus regeneration. Despite the stricter use of sterile techniques and aseptic conditions, contamination of plant cell and tissue cultures remains a persistent problem. PPM ™ prevents bacterial and fungal spore germination. Because it is heat stable, it can be autoclaved with media. PPM ™ can be used as a standard ingredient in plant tissue culture media. PPM is less expensive than antibiotics and can prevent fungal contamination simultaneously.

PPM is both biostatic and biocidal. In addition to inhibiting air, water and human contact pollution, it can also be used to reduce endogenous pollution. Plant Cell Technology is owned and operated by President Martin Kalin. The principal PCT scientist involved in the development of the PPM ™ application is Dr Assaf Guri, who has degrees in genetics, applied genetics and plant breeding from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Michigan State University in the United States. Plant Cell Technology has numerous distributors located in South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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