SPHERO Ultra Rainbow Flourescent Particles 2ml

SPHERO Ultra Rainbow Fluorescent Particles

• Consists of a single peak for optical alignment of any flow cytometer on all channels from UV to Far Red

• Determines if the flow cell is clean and free of fluid clogs

• Measures coefficients of variation (CV), peak channels, and histogram distribution to determine flow cytometer functionality.

New flow cytometers are now available, with fluorescent channels from UV to Far Red, and the corresponding fluorescent conjugates. As a result, we have developed Ultra Rainbow fluorescent particles with improved ultraviolet and far-red fluorescence intensity. Ultra Rainbow fluorescent particles contain a single peak and are designed to verify the optical alignment of any flow cytometer on all channels.


Ultra Rainbow Fluorescent Particles (from Spherotech ™) are internally labelled with multiple fluorophores. They exhibit full-spectrum fluorescence, including enhanced UV and far-red fluorescence. The mixture of fluorophores allows Ultra Rainbow particles are excited at any wavelength from 365 to 650 nm. These particles are available in two diameters, ~ 3.8 µm and ~ 10.2 µm.


  • Mean diameter: ~ 3.8 µm (3.61-3.99 µm) or ~ 10.2 µm (8.1 – 12.0 µm); see your Certificate of Analysis for actual size.
  • Concentration: ~ 2 x 106 particles / mL
  • Storage buffer: deionized water with 0.02% sodium azide and 0.01% NP-4O


A dilution of 1-2 drops to 1 ml will provide an adequate number of particles for use in flow cytometry.


Shake vigorously or shake briefly before use. Inclusion of a small amoun of detergent in the diluent will help increase the number of singlets. Diluted the particles can be stored in the refrigerator for future use.

Storage and stability

Store at 2-8 ° C. Freezing of particles may result in irreversible aggregation and loss of binding activity. The product is expected to remain stable for 12 months from the date of purchase, provided it is handled in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. The reagent should be stored in its opaque bottle.


This particulate suspension contains sodium azide. Sodium azide can react with lead and copper plumbing to form explosive metal azides. By having material, rinse with a large amount of water to avoid azide build-up.

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